5 Reasons for Women to Take a Self-Defense Course


The very fact that this article has to be written speaks volumes about the collective female psyche of today. As a group, we continue to deny the need for our own self-protection, relying instead on arguments that the law, our spouse, brother, father, etc, should be protecting us. The statistical reality is that the ones we expect to protect us are the majority of the ones committing the crimes. But the reality is, if we expect things to change, than we need to be the principal architects in effectuating that change.

So let’s sum up the basic 5 reasons why EVERY female should be taking some type of women’s self defense course to ensure her own safety.

1) Crime can happen to anyone at anytime. Whether you want to live in your fantasy world or not, that is the harsh reality. At some point in your life as a woman you will flash across a predator’s (mainly male) radar as prey. You will be attacked. You will be alone and you will be vulnerable. And most likely, it will come from the one you least expected. The next question, what will you do?

2) Be the role model for the next generation. We tell our daughters they can be anything they want. How about safe? How do we show them how to protect themselves against rape, incest, assault, domestic violence, etc, if we don’t set the example of being strong and standing up for ourselves by being able to defend ourselves – emotionally, verbally, physically and spiritually? If we continue to move in silence about the things that happen to us (rape, assault, emotional battering, domestic violence) how are we going to help our daughters become stronger and show our sons what is and is not acceptable behavior from a male?

3) Become Empowered. I have watched countless women come into my classes as sheep and walk out as determined, strong, empowered women ready to take control of their own lives. A self defense course can’t empower you; but it can educate you in showing you the options who have to take control of your life and feel safer in your world.

4) This is true LIFE Insurance. We spend money to ensure our cars, our life, our jewelry, disability insurance, travel insurance, our rental property, etc., but yet we hesitate when spending money on a self defense class that can truly SAVE our lives. Women’s self-defense classes have an incredible positive impact on their participants and greatly change lives for the better. Self defense classes provide you with real insurance to protect your life.

5) Do it for those who count on you. If you won’t do it for yourself and the top 4 reasons, how about for those who count on you the most – your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, etc? What happens if you are now dead or incapacitated because of a crime? Who takes care of those that you took care of?

Take the time to take care of yourself and empower your life by taking a women’s self defense class. You just might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. And I guarantee you that you will find a whole new strength and outlook that will improve your life.

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  • Posted on 9. July 2014
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  1. Ed on June 19, 2015 at 11:56 am Reply

    You and only you are ultimately responsible for your own safety .

    Unless you have a bodyguard 24/7 the only protection you have is yourself and the law.

    But can you really depend on the law?

    Many assaults are not reported of if they are reported, the perpetrator is long gone and even if an arrest is made and if they are penalized it’s AFTER they commit the crime.

    It;s almost always too late!

    The police can’t be your bodyguard – the fact is, they show up AFTER the crime.

    At the end of the day, the truth about self protection is…

    … It’s up to you and how you do it is also up to you.

    • lance@tancoindustries.com on June 26, 2015 at 2:36 pm Reply

      I totally agree Ed, that’s why I try to stress the importance of getting some self defense training because large or small, you don’t know what you are actually capable of doing when you need to protect yourself and they’re right on top of you and with a little training that you can fall back on might just what you need at the time. Thanks for your comment.

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