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I haven’t talked much about this type of defense but I think it is important because it can work for you.  Getting blinded by a bright flashing light aimed at the face of an assailant can definitely slow them down and allow you to get away, get in your car and lock the door, or access your self defense weapon and scream for help.  Now this usually works best at night unless you have a really powerful tactical surefire flashlight.  Surefire flashlights range from 320 lumens to 4,500 lumens http://www.surefire.com/illumination/flashlights.html . There are other super bright flashlights out there but I think Surefire is the best, but they can be a little expensive for some people. If you can’t afford a Surefire I think the Atomic Beam Flashlight would be a good alternative, check it out.

https://www.atomicbeam.com/?uid=CB3F6068F1682B66EE164D97297AC9D8&gclid=CjwKEAjwxeq9BRDDh4_MheOnvAESJABZ4VTqGKvWD-EONO89kDW0y1f4U29qu0s-mKZD0JbBzNIrLRoCH_bw_wcB .

Like I always say, be sure to take at least a short self defense class to greatly increase your chances at defending yourself in an attack, no matter what kind of self defense device/weapon you plan to use.  Thanks for visiting my blog and stay safe.




  • Posted on 22. August 2016
  • Written by lance@tancoindustries.com
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