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According to Wikipedia, a Stun Gun is an electroshock weapon.  It is an incapacitating weapon that momentarily disables a person with an electric shock.Stun Guns are hand held devices that do not necessarly resemble a gun at all.  They generate a visible arc between two electrodes while making a somewhat menacing cracking noise.

The difference between a Tazer and a Stun Gun is that a Tazer actually resembles a handgun and fires (via a gas cartridge) a couple of small electrodes into the target’s skin, while attached to the gun by a few feet of conductive wire.  They also have the capabilitiy to be used as a Stun Gun that is called, “drive stun”,  when it is pressed to someone while holding down the trigger. 

Stun Guns are legal in most states, however, in a lot of states they are illegal or have restrictions.  If you are considering owning a Stun Gun it would be wise to look up the laws in your state.  I hope this post helps you.


  • Posted on 24. July 2013
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  1. Tony Dimattes on March 27, 2016 at 11:49 pm Reply

    After seeing the immense increase in the crime rate, all around the world, I don’t understand why few countries have not release the permission to carry non lethal self defense items. I agree that taking law in hands is not a wise solution, but at least one can buy some time to get rid of the unexpected attacker and call for a better help.

    I thank you for sharing this post with us and motivating others to purchase non lethal self defense products.

    Great Share!!

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