Let’s take a good look at this. I know that the correct use of a firearm in a situation where you have to defend yourself is usually the most successful and defining.  A lot of people especially women, do not own a firearm or know how to use one safely. Firearms are expensive and it takes training to learn how to use one correctly. Without the proper training, if you were put into a situation where you had to defend yourself and you have a firearm, you better know how and when to use it. You dont want to try to shoot someone and fumble and shoot or kill yourself or someone else you didn’t intended to shoot. It is not always ok to shoot someone, take for example, George Zimmerman. He thought he was using his firearm in self defense and killed Trevon Martin. He didn’t need to. He thought he had the right. Ignorance of the law can get you in a lot of trouble. If a less than lethal use of defense had been used it would all be over by now. Trevon Martin would probably be alive today and George Zimmerman would not have had a murder trial. He would be a free man from death threats and all the legal things he had to go thru, plus the fact that he killed a human being.  No one in their right mind could feel good about that. The responsibility in using a firearm is enormous. The best thing would be carrying 2 layers of protection, a firearm and a good less than lethal device.


  • Posted on 18. July 2013
  • Written by lance@tancoindustries.com
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2 responses to Why use less than lethal defense over a firearm

  1. lance@tancoindustries.com on July 18, 2013 at 9:19 pm Reply

    Well at least no one would have died from being shot and the video camera would have captured the moment.

  2. Patrick on July 18, 2013 at 8:24 pm Reply

    I agree; If Zimmerman had DefendAlert he could have repulsed Tryvon and also captured the assult on the built in camera. Win-Win.

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