I think, that if teachers were allowed to carry a pepper spray device, they could possibly stop an armed kid from killing other classmates, or at least slow him down, blind him and be able to safely grab him and stop the killing.  If teachers carried a pepper spray device with a loud air horn it would alert everyone that there is a situation while disabling armed kids, less people would be killed.  What if teachers and school personnel carried a pepper spray device with a loud air horn and a video camera that would video record the event.  I think it would be a good thing. The Defend Alert ID would be Ideal for this kind of situation.  That is one of many reasons I developed it.  What is your opinion ?

Lance Murray


  • Posted on 23. October 2013
  • Written by lance@tancoindustries.com
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2 responses to Would a less than lethal device have saved the teacher killed in Nevada ?

  1. Jeff Gasser on December 4, 2013 at 6:00 pm Reply

    I agree with you Lance. Another possible option for teachers would be the AceCo Micro-Shot pepper spray gun. Some may or may not like the fact that this device look similar to a small pistol, but it could be a very effective deterrant to violence. More information regarding the AceCo Micro-Shot can be found at http://www.acecodefense.com.

    • lance@tancoindustries.com on December 5, 2013 at 9:56 pm Reply

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment. Carrying and using a less than lethal self defense device is always a good thing, pepper spray devices are the most popular, however one that looks very much like a gun might get you into unnecessary trouble. If you pull it out, someone might think it is a real gun and use their real gun on you. On the other hand, if your assailant sees it and thinks it is a real gun and they do not have a real gun it may scare them away. If you show any weapon that you plan to use in your defense, it will probably make them think twice about attacking you. No one wants to get shot or pepper sprayed. Always keep in mind that criminals carry guns and or pepper spray devices, Tasers, and Stun Guns. Good luck with your product. I think it is another good less than lethal self defense device.

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